"Have you ever done a race that had such a profound effect on your soul that it's all you can think about for the next week? That's Metallak Race for me."

Chris J. Dunn



If you love adventure, you've found one. Challenging terrain, epic views, and a bit of local legend will keep you motivated as you move through the course. Trekking, mountain biking, paddling - METALLAK is an adventure you won't soon forget.

METALLAK is a unique racing experience that combines the traditional concepts of adventure racing with a marked route. It's a true test of mental and physical fitness that unfolds on a stunning course, much of which is along the Cohos Trail . Highlights include on-site camping at Mohawk Falls, local food, craft beer, and convenient, spectator-friendly transition areas.

Race solo or with a friend.
Choose your challenge.
Test your METTLE on foot, on bike, and in a boat.

You won't leave without a STORY worth telling.

Metallak 2019 from Joe Klementovich on Vimeo.